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STANDARDS of BEHAVIOR for Players, Coaches and Parents


All South Charlotte Recreation Association Players, Coaches and Parents agree to the following standards of behavior when they register and participate in SCRA team sports. We believe that each participant whether a player, coach or parent owns the responsibility of demonstrating courtesy, respect and good sportsmanship on and off the court. 


All coaches are volunteers and representative of the SCRA Basketball program. Any coach that is on the bench must have completed a recent background screening process and read and signed the Standards of Behavior Agreement.  I, the undersigned, agree that if I fail to follow the guidelines outlined in the Standards of Behavior, I may be removed or required to resign from the volunteer position after a full inquiry and a review from the league Directors.

Acceptable standards of coaching behavior include:

  1. Consistently set a good example for players, participants and fans to follow, ie: exemplifying integrity, strong character and the highest moral and ethical behaviors.
  2. Demonstrate and respect the calls and accept the judgment of officials during the game.  
  3. Honor and abide by all the rules of the league and the sport
  4. Treat opposing coaches, players, participants, and fans with courtesy and respect at all times.
  5. ALWAYS coach in a positive manner, including giving kids lessons for life as well the coaching lessons for on the court.
  6.  Make sure all players, volunteers, participants and parents receive and SIGN a copy of the SCRA league rules and Standards of Behavior prior to start of league competition.


Any coach receiving a technical foul must take a seat after the 1st technical foul and remain seated for the remainder of the game.  If a coach receives a second technical foul during the same game, they must vacate the bench and may not continue to coach that game.  If this is considered a basic ejection the coach must sit out the next game.  If a coach receives his 5th technical foul, he/she will be suspended immediately and their volunteer status as a coach with the league will be reevaluated by the Division Directors and the Commissioner.  .


Any coach ejected from a game because of unsportsmanlike conduct or any other reason MUST leave the facility immediately when the violation occurs. Persons empowered to make this decision are game officials, basketball Division Directors, or the league commissioner.  Once a coach has been ejected further action will be considered by the basketball Directors and the Commissioner. .


ANY coach who physically confronts or abuses a player or an official will be asked to leave the

facility and must contact the appropriate Division Director assigned to them regarding the incident. The incident will be reviewed by the Division Director and the Commissioner and a decision will be made regarding the volunteer’s status with the organization.  .


Any coach who verbally abuses another coach, player, official or spectator in any manner (swearing, ethnic, gender or racial slur, etc.) will be subject to suspension. The incident will be investigated and based on the findings of the investigation of the appropriate representatives of the league, the status of the volunteer will be determined..  The SCRA reserves the right to protect the integrity of the organization, the league and the quality of the participants’ experience.  And any coaches’ behavior deemed detrimental to that may be considered grounds for dismissal of the offending volunteer(s).



Acceptable standards of player behavior include:

1. Treat opponents with respect; shake hands prior to and after contests.

2. Respect the judgment of officials and abide by the rules of the contest.

3. Accept seriously the responsibility of representing your family and the

school by displaying positive behavior at all times.

4. Play in a positive manner, reflecting core ethical values. Physical and

verbal abuse will not be tolerated! Racial or gender slurs of any kind will not be tolerated!



Any player receiving a technical foul will also be assessed a personal foul on the books.  The league will keep track and aggregate of technical fouls. If a player receives 5 during the season, the student may be subject to multi game suspension or dismissal from the league.


All players ejected from a game because of unsportsmanlike conduct, excessive physical contact deemed to be a high risk or dangerous play by the officials or an SCRA representative, will be suspended from the NEXT game and may be subject to additional penalties by the league, including dismissal if appropriate.


Any player ejected from a game because of two (2) NON-unsportsmanlike technical foul violations (i.e.: hanging on rim, illegal timeout, touching the ball before the ball is inbounded, etc) the player is disqualified but may sit on the bench with the team. Players subject to this type of disqualification will NOT have to sit out the next game. . .


The SCRA has ZERO tolerance for fighting.  ANY player that fights, physically, confronts or abuses another player or an official will be ejected and asked to leave the facility immediately.  They will be suspended for the next game and must have their parents contact the appropriate Division Director to make an appeal for reinstatement.  The Director must review all the facts, circumstances of the incident and make a decision to accept or reject the appeal for reinstatement.  .


Any player who verbally abuses, intentionally offends another, player, official, coach, volunteer or spectator (swearing, ethnic, gender or racial slur, etc.) will be subject to suspension. The incident will be investigated and based on the findings of the investigation by the appropriate representatives of the league, the status of the player will be determined..  The SCRA reserves the right to protect the integrity of the organization, the league and the quality of the participants.  Players that violate the Standards of Behavior are subject to suspension or dismissal.’



Parents play a critical role in the development of successful student-athletes.  Parents MUST be a positive influence on the basketball or sports experience and it is imperative that parents consistently conduct themselves, speak and act in a positive, respectful and courteous manner throughout the season including games, practices, and tournaments.

Our coaches are volunteers and must be treated with respect at ALL times.  Any questions or concerns regarding the operation of the SCRA program should be addressed according to the following guidelines.

Parents should call the coach and speak over the phone or set up an appointment to meet with the coach to address concerns regarding the basketball program. It is generally not appropriate to do this immediately preceding or after a game.

Parents, if not satisfied following a meeting with their child’s, coach may request a phone conversation or meeting with the appropriate basketball Division Director to discuss concerns regarding the basketball program. If the parent is still not satisfied, then they can appeal to the Basketball Commissioner. 

If there is no resolution to the above, the family reserves the right to withdraw the player from the basketball program. No refunds will be given after the first week of league participation. Parents must refrain from criticizing or making any negative comments towards their son, teammates, coaches, opponents, officials, volunteers or other parents throughout the year. Players must also refrain from criticizing or making any negative comments to their teammates, opponents, coaches, or officials throughout the year

Acceptable standards of spectator behavior include:

1. Remember that the SCRA is a recreation basketball league that offers an opportunity for players of ALL skill levels to play, compete, have fun and develop.  They are all learning and some are learning more than others…and that’s OK. 

2. Please do not sit or stand in any areas designated for players only (bench, sideline or baseline).

3. Please demonstrate self-control and respect calls and decisions made by the officials and the coaches.

4. Be a role model by positively supporting teams and by not shouting instructions or criticism to the players, coaches, or officials.

5. All of our coaches are volunteers and all of our parents can choose to serve as a volunteer so please support our hard working, well-intended volunteer coaches, by NOT coaching your child or the team from the stands.

6. Don’t make rude, derogatory comments or gestures to players, coaches, spectators of

the opposing team, officials, volunteers or league administrators.

Remember, parents and coaches set the tone and example for the spirit and behavior of their teams and the fans. If you see fans of your team behaving in a negative manner, please try to help us appeal to their conscience at an appropriate time and in an appropriate fashion.



Any spectator or guest who displays poor sportsmanship may be asked to leave or removed from the facility by an official, their team coach, a league Director or representative.

Any guest or spectator, who interferes with a game or the initiation or progress of a game may be asked to leave and barred from future attendance at SCRA games or activities.



The SCRA Standards of Behavior is in effect at all times and will be enforced to ensure the quality of the experience of all of our parents, players, volunteers, referees and our guests.  Complaints regarding violations of this code shall be first brought to the attention of the appropriate coaches on site.  Then, the basketball Directors should get involved if not adequately addressed by the coaches.  We reserve the right to suspend or bar participants, guests, parents or spectators for actions deemed inconsistent with our SCRA Standards of Behavior.  


AS A MEMBER OF SCRA BASKETBALL, I WILL ABIDE BY THE FOLLOWING GUIDELINES: (1) I will pledge to make sure that family and academics are our two top priorities (2) I will treat the coaching staff respectfully at ALL TIMES (3) I will play/ observe the game of basketball without questioning coaching decisions in regard to who is starting games, substitution patterns and playing time (4) I will be courteous and respectful to my teammates and their parents (5) I will be respectful in public and display good character as I represent the SCRA Basketball program (6) I will not participate in any horseplay which may injure my teammates, myself or any other people associated with the SCRA Basketball program (7) I will be respectful of gymnasiums and understand that it is a privilege to play in the facilities provided. I will be responsible for my own actions (8)I will be positive and play hard regardless of the score or situation (9) I will follow these RULES OF CONDUCT and I understand that if I fail to comply with these rules, I may be removed from the SCRA BASKETBALL league or suspended from the SCRA  organization (10) I make a pledge that when I step on the court, I’ll be focused on playing basketball and supporting my coaches and teammates.

By signing this, each player and parent has read and agreed to the Rules of Conduct, the Player Contract and the Player & Parent agreement listed above.

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