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We are thrilled to return the gymnasiums and basketball courts to resume our SCRA basketball league.  This year, like last, is still filled with heightened concerns, fears, and uncertainty surrounding COVID 19 and the variants.

However, we believe can operate safely and promote fun and fair competition and offer a sense of community and connection for our players during this difficult time.  We took last year off and learned a great deal from the experience of other similar recreation associations that successfully operated their leagues last year without incident.   We will operate under the new normal with caution, precautions and some minor but necessary inconveniences.  We will do so in the spirit of trying our very best to protect all players, volunteers, parents and guests who come into contact with our program in any way.

We will use the North Carolina High School Athletic Association (NCHSAA) indoor sports protocols and guidelines with slight modifications for our SCRA basketball league. 

1. Limit the sharing of basketball balls - Game balls will be sanitized before and after games

2. We will enforce social distancing.  Individuals must maintain 6 ft physical distancing. 

- Limit the number of people on the bench to support social distancing

- Set up chairs to space players 6 feet apart

- Limit contact between players when substituting

3. We will suspend handshakes prior to, during and following the games

4.  All players are REQUIRED to wear appropriate face coverings (masks) during practices and games. A participant with a documented bonified medical condition that would specifically prohibit wearing a face covering during competions\ will need to provide league officials with authentic documentation from a physician (MD/ DO)licensed to practice medicine, a nurse practitioner (NP) or physician’s assistant (PA). (We must receive original signed docs. Scans and  copies will NOT be accepted)

- Face coverings are required for all players in the game and on the bench

- Face covering is required for all coaches and volunteer staff

- Face covering must be worn by all guests at ALL times. 

- No GAITERS will be allowed or accepted as face covering for players.

- Refusal to follow the COVID-19 protocol will NOT qualify as an exception to our standard NO REFUND POLICY.

5. Official Scorers Tables

-  Scoring tables must be sanitized before the game and at halftime

- Limit seats at the table to essential personnel (score clock keeper and official game book keeper ONLY) This season the AWAY or Guest team scorekeeper must sit on their bench.

- All table personnel must wear face-covering at all times

6.  Jump balls will be suspended and a coin toss will determine who receives the ball first.

In the event of an Over-Time game, a coin toss will determine which team gets the ball.


Again, these are not normal times so we need to do things a little differently. We recognize that there are some families that may not agree with our policies and we respect that.  However, our interest is in protecting the health and safety of all of our players, parents, volunteers and officials, which by the way,  has always been the SCRA  standard. We hope everyone will honor our policies without exception so we can have a safe, fun season of basketball. 

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Coach Rafi

Basketball Commissioner 

South Charlotte Recreation Associations