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Frequently Asked Questions


Thank you for your interest in South Charlotte Recreation Association Pop Warner Football program.  Below are some of th most frequently asked questions we hear.  More FAQ's will be added over time, so visit here before contacting someone at South Charlotte.  to contact us with any additional questions.

Frequently Asked Questions
What does my $260.00 registration fee cover?
  • Pop Warner/Optimist Club League fees (required by Pop Warner)
  • Officials/Referee fees (required by Pop Warner)
  • Security Personnel fees (required by Pop Warner)
  • Medic fees (required by Pop Warner)
  • OPRA Insurance for your child
  • Field maintenance
  • Uniforms
  • Equipment/equipment replacement
Why do I have to pay a $100.00 equipment fee?

Football equipment costs are expensive and it is important that our equipment is returned in good shape (normal wear and tear) at the end of the season. We have asked every player's family for a $100.00 check (that will be held, not cashed) in good faith that the player will return his equipment (helmet, shoulder pads, game pants, practice pants, and 7-piece pad sets) at the designated date and time at the end of the season. Should a player not return part or all of his equipment, the check will be cashed to help offset the cost of purchasing new equipment for next year.
Why do I have to provide my child's report card?

"Pop Warner Little Scholars" requires a child to have a 70.0% or 2.0 GPA in order to participate in their football program.
Why do I have to provide my child's birth certificate?

"Pop Warner Little Scholars" requires every player to provide a copy of a certified birth certificate to ensure appropriate player age division.
Why do we need so many forms to play Pop Warner?
  • The "Participant Contract and Parental Consent" form is a legal requirement for Pop Warner indicating that the parents are "ok" with the child playing football.
  • The “Physical Fitness and Medical History” form is a detailed medical form to ensure Pop Warner that your child is medically “ok” to play football.
Does Pop Warner "REALLY" look at these forms?

Yes, Pop Warner requires all of these forms to be legible, stapled together and then brought to them for review. Once all players are reviewed, a team is then certified and ready for the season. Pop Warner will not accept partial files, so, anyone without a complete file has until a particular date (set by Pop Warner) to comply or the player will not be allowed to participate.
Why does Pop Warner require background checks for anyone coming into regular contact with players?

Every coach, assistant coach, coordinators, and football volunteers are required to submit to a background check. Pop Warner requires the checks to ensure the safety of your child – we want to know who is having regular contact (defined as assisting with 2 or more practices, games or functions) with the players.
Where will our games be held?

Our games will be located at different fields. Our home games will be at South Charlotte Middle School. Our away game field locations can be found at www.popwarnerlittlepanthers.org.
When is our first game and when will we see a game schedule?

Pop Warner schedules are conducted thru the Mecklenburg Optimist Club. South Charlotte has no control over game schedules. The first game is normally the 2nd Saturday. The complete season schedule may not be available until mid-September.
How do I find out about practices and games in inclement weather?

Always plan to show up at practices and games if uncertain of cancellations. It is sometimes hard for coaches to contact everyone to provide detailed information.
What is the refund policy?

After August 1 (when practices begin), refunds are issued at $100.00 until August 8. The $150.00 that remains with SC is to offset the team fees that have already been paid to Mecklenburg Optimist Club as well as costs of equipment and uniforms that have already been ordered before practice begins. The $75.00 South Charlotte family fee is non-refundable and is not considered part of the football fee as this entitles you to play all sports at SC per calendar year.  The August 8 deadline is in place because of the additional costs associated with carrying out the program.