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South Charlotte T-Ball




South Charlotte Recreation Association provides T-Ball as an entry level league for our youngest players. 
T-ball is intended for players age 4-5 years old. Players age 6 who have never played before may want to consider T-ball. No evaluations are necessary. T-ball will have coaches pitch to the players from the start of the season.  If a player does not hit a pitch in the first 3 tries, the ball will be placed on the Tee. There will be a minimum of three (3) innings.  The focus will be on developing good fundamental baseball skills, sportsmanship and most of all, having fun! Click here for the SC guidelines for T-ball. 

If you have any questions, please contact T-ball coordinator, .
Program Fee: $150 Fee includes: Uniform (Jersey, Hat and Belt), field rental and maintenance and a Participation Award.

SCRA Provides: Jersey, Hat, a belt and a Participation award.
Required equipment: Bat, batting helmet, baseball glove, baseball pants, protective athletic cup (for male players). While SCRA does not REQUIRE helmets to be equipped with a protective facemask, the league recommends such equipment.
Recommended equipment: rubber cleats (no metal cleats allowed)
There are no evaluations for T-ball. Practices and games are held at Olde Providence Elementary School. Until games begin, AAA T-ball teams can expect to practice 1 time during the week (after 5:30 pm) and 1 Saturday Practice. On Sundays (if needed), no event will occur before 1:00 pm. Once games begin, teams will have a practice during the week and a game on weekends (typically Saturday). 

We are always looking for eager parents who are interested in coaching! The more coaches we have, the better the experience of the players. If you are interested in coaching, please contact the acting T-ball coordinator.


Primary Ages 4-5
Primary Focus Fundamental development of hitting, throwing, fielding. 
Base Distance 55 Feet
Pitching Distance NA
Rule Restrictions No lead-offs, bunting, stealing, outs or runs counted. Sliding is discouraged.

Below are the skills we focus on teaching in T-Ball:

  • Feet square
  • Feet shoulder-width or a little more
  • Weight on balls of feet
  • Knees flexed
  • Bat in fingers
  • Bat held not too tightly
  • Hand position near back shoulder or ear
  • Bat angled upward
  • Both eyes on ball at all times
  • Head pivots as ball moves
  • Head down, looking at ball through entire swing
  • “Load”
  • Small, soft stride/step
  • Pivot (“Squish the Bug”)
"Ready" Position
  • Feet square
  • Feet shoulder-width or a little more
  • Weight on balls of feet
  • Knees flexed
  • Glove ready to receive ball or on knee
  • Facing batter
Ground Balls
  • Body in front of baseball
  • Knees bent, butt down
  • Glove on ground
  • Glove in front of feet position
  • Bare hand in “Alligator” position
  • Eyes on ball
Fly Balls
(use tennis balls to teach)
  • When is glove up and down?
  • Position body under ball
  • Glove side foot forward
  • Eyes watching ball over glove
  • Both hands to catch ball
  • Glove in front of body on throwing hand side
  • Turn so glove side foot is closest to target
  • Glove elbow bent at “L”, pointing to target
  • Throwing arm bent at “L”
  • Ball facing behind player
  • Fingers on top of ball
  • 4-seam grip
  • Ball held higher than head
Throwing Motion
  • Step with glove side foot
  • Pull glove side elbow down to hip
  • Bring ball forward
  • Release ball out in front of body
  • Extend throwing hand forward to target and down to glove side knee
  • Bend at waist
  • Take 2 steps toward target
Order of Bases
  • Review all base names and order of running
Home to 1st
  • Run through 1st base
  • Player should look at 1B coach for “Go” or “Stay” sign
  • Break down
  • Turn right
Home to 2nd
  • Player turns at 1B
  • Player watches 1B coach
1st to 3rd
  • Player cannot leave until ball is hit
  • Player runs to 2nd, looking at 3B Coach for “Stop” or “Go” sign
  • Player continues or stays, depending on 3B coach
Other Concepts
  • Force out
  • Lead runner
  • Tag play
  • Get back to base on a flyout