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South Charlotte Minors (9U & 10U)


South Charlotte Recreation Association provides Minors (9U & 10U) as our fourth level league for our players. Minors is intended for players aged 9-10 years as of 4/30/2022, but younger players may play in Minors.  SC strongly recommends that younger players not pitch, however, due to the damage that overhand pitching causes over time.  We recommend that players not pitch until they are baseball age 9.  Furthermore, SCRA discourages all pitchers from throwing curve balls until their joints have matured (as evidenced by the appearance of hair under their arms).  Curve balls cause tremendous strain on the elbow and shoulder and can cause severe damage in a young arm. If you have any questions about our Minors Program, please contact Minors Coordinator,   Due to our desire to keep teams reasonably competitive, we have a player draft at this age group and we cannot guarantee all requests.
Sport Fee: $270 Fee includes Uniform (Jersey, Hat and a Belt), field rental and maintenance, lights , umpires and Trophies for Post Tournament 1st and 2nd Place teams.  Participation awards are no longer provided.

SCRA Provides: Jersey, Cap, and Belts
Required equipment: Bat, Batting Helmet, Baseball mitt, baseball pants, protective athletic cup (for male players). While SCRA does not REQUIRE helmets to be equipped with a protective facemask, the league recommends such equipment.
Recommended equipment: rubber cleats (no metal cleats allowed)
Practices will begin shortly after evaluations. Until games begin, teams can expect to practice 3 times per week. On Sundays, no event will occur before 1:00 pm. Once games begin, most teams will have a game during the week (6pm) and one on weekends (typically Saturday) and there will also be one practice per week.

We are always looking for eager parents who are interested in coaching! The more coaches we have, the better the experience of the players.  If have would like to know more about coaching please contact please contact Minors Coordinator, . 


Primary Ages 9-10
Primary Focus Pitching, the importance of the catcher position, hitting, bunting, stealing.
Base Distance 60 feet
Pitching Distance 46 feet
Rule Restrictions No leadoffs prior to the pitch crossing home plate.


At Minors (9U & 10U), players continue to develop the skills they learned in T-Ball, Coach Pitch and Machine Pitch, as well as the following new skills:

Bunting (Drag)
  • Slide top hand to top of bat grip
  • Move both hands up or down to ball
  • “Catch” ball with bat head
  • Start running as ball hits bat
  • Defense of Home steal
Full Windup
  • Start with both feet on rubber, facing catcher, hand with ball in glove
  • Rock back or towards 1B
  • Shift pivot foot to front of pitchers plate
  • With ball still in glove, raise front knee straight up, maintaining balance
  • Stride toward home plate, extending ball back and up and glove hand toward target
  • Throw ball, following through all the way over front knee and allowing momentum to carry pivot foot forward to fielding position
Secondary Leads
  • AFTER the ball crosses the plate
  • 3-5 steps
  • Runner cannot leave base before pitch crosses plate