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SCRA Instructional Basketball Program



The intent of our Instructional Program is to provide a controlled environment where beginner basketball players can have fun while also learning the game of basketball. Emphasis is on fun; however, the league is also focused on developing basic basketball techniques and fundamentals. The skills and drills incorporated within practice will be reinforced throughout the game to assist in overall player development.
Boys and Girls age 6 or under as of August 1. We recommend that children be at least 5 years old by December 1.
All practice/games will be played at Polo Ridge Elementary School, 11830 Tom Short Road. Charlotte,  NC 28277.
  • Games/Practice consists of 45 minutes of practice followed by a 45 minute game. Coaches may adjust practice/game times based on individual circumstance.
  • Teams will play Five-on-Five games on a reduced size court.
  • Goals will be 8 feet in height.
  • Games will be 4 – 10 minute quarters with the clock running continuously.
  • Halftime will be 5 minutes (time permitting).
  • Coaches are allowed on the court to work with their teams.
  • Coaches will officiate and manage games.
  • Coaches will try to approximate equal playing time for all players.
  • Instructional Program will use a 27.5'' basketball.
  • Each player will be provided with a SCRA Tshirt and a basketball.
  • Scores, standings, and records will not be kept.