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Challenge & All Stars


SCRA Softball offers the following extra opportunities for girls who desire a more competitive softball experience in addition to the rec program within CharMeck Softball: 


  • The CharMeck Challenge Program is 2-3 one-day tournaments held during the regular rec season (2-3 tournaments during spring season, 2 tournaments during fall season) at one of the CharMeck associations. SCRA will make an effort to field at least one team in each age group.  Rosters for the Challenge Teams are determined through a collaborative effort by each age group's current coaches.  If SCRA doesn't have enough girls for a Challenge Team or if there are girls that don't make the SCRA Challenge Team and still want to play, we will try to provide an opportunity with a CharMeck Metro Team made up of a mixture of girls from other associations.
  • The CharMeck All Star Program is similar to the Challenge Program but consists of a 3-4 day tournament held sometime in June.  The All Star teams are typically the same group of girls from the previous Spring Season's Challenge Program.  


For more detailed information visit the CharMeck Softball website and click on the Challenge and All Star tabs:


In addition to the Challenge and All Star Programs, coaches may decide to take a team and play in various other tournaments offered locally and regionally. These additional "travel" tournaments are outside of the CharMeck Girls Softball League jurisdiction and may involve a more competitive environment and often different playing rules. 


Please note, the CharMeck Challenge and All-Star programs and any additional "travel" tournament play will involve extra costs outside of the SCRA seasonal sport fee.