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South Charlotte Recreation Association

Fastpitch Softball Mission Statement


The mission of South Charlotte Rec Association (SCRA) Fastpitch Softball Program is to provide a safe, positive, and healthy environment for the girls to learn softball fundamentals, sharpen skills, and enjoy the camaraderie of playing on a team.

We make every effort to ensure all girls have a positive team sports experience. Our goal is to teach values such as a good work ethic, sportsmanship, dedication and commitment to goals, self-motivation, teamwork, and most importantly, respect for themselves and others.

We take great pride in the highly competitive tradition of our program, but we also realize our players are young girls, not professionals. It is a priority that their experience be fun, as well as competitive.


With this in mind, we offer a consistent development growth path for our girls starting at the younger ages on the rec teams. Additional chances for more competition come with the CharMeck Challenge and All Star programs.

All of our coaches and volunteers strive to support the mission of SCRA Fastpitch Softball. It is a great honor and privilege to be a part of the girl’s growth and this responsibility is not taken lightly. Utmost importance is placed on surrounding our girls with the best possible role models so we can not only assist with their softball development, but also with their personal growth.  Finally, we hope that their SCRA softball experience will give them confidence and self-esteem as they confront other life experiences in their future.