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Registration for the 2013 Fall Football Cheerleading Season
is now closed. Please contact with questions!

We are a Pop Warner based program and take pride in our program.  We strive to teach the girls basic techniques and beginning stunting.  Most important, we teach them sportsmanship, team spirit, and confidence.  Our goal is for your child to have a good time while learning to be part of a team while continuing their education.  No experience is required!  

Please read in full PRIOR to registration!!


Cheerleading is a TEAM sport that requires ALL cheerleaders to be in attendance at ALL times. This is for the safety of our participants!  Each cheerleader plays an important role within their squad especially when it comes to dance routines and stunts. When one cheerleader is missing the entire squad is adversely affected. This is both for competing and non-competing squads.  Attendance at practices, games and competitions is mandatory. Excuses will only be allowed for emergencies and/or illnesses. I strongly encourage you to consider your commitment to the TEAM before registering your child.  

Program Offerings
Non-Competitive Cheerleading
Tiny Mite
Mitey Mite
Jr. Pee Wee
Pee Wee 
Jr. Midget

Non-competitive cheerleading is open to ages 5 through 9 as of 7/31/13. There will be limitations to what these participants can do as far as pyramids, jumps, etc. These are NON-COMPETITIVE teams and will attend only the local competition hosted by Little Panthers. 

Competitive Cheerleading
Jr. Pee Wee
Pee Wee
Jr. Midget
Competitive cheerleading is open to ages 8 to 16 as of 7/31/13.
Children will be placed on a team in the appropriate division based on age prior experience, date of your registration, available coaches and the total number of registrants. Squad assignments will be determined after registrations have been completed. These teams will participate in outside competitions as outlined in the Competition section. 
Practice and Games   
Practices will be held two days per week during the summer and one day per week during the school year. We will use the summer to work hard and prepare for games and competitions. During the school year we will use our one day per week to go over game-day cheers. Practices will be held at Olde Providence Elementary School. Practice is mandatory as stated above. Practices start at the beginning of August and games will begin in early September. Practices during the summer will be held on Monday and Thursday 5:30-7:30 pm. During the school year, practices will be held on Thursdays 5:30-6:30pm. The season will end at the end of October unless football teams advance to Regionals.

Please wear comfortable loose fitting clothing while practicing. NO JEWELRY is allowed at all when cheering, not even post earrings. Covering with tape is also not acceptable. No flip-flops or slip-on shoes, cheerleaders must be in tennis shoes. Bring bottled water to each and every practice and game. Drinks are not provided at the park during practice. 

Games are held on Saturdays and cheerleaders must be in full uniform. Home game location is at Ardrey Kell High School. Most games are held at home for cheerleaders, however travel may be required to a few games within the Charlotte area.

Cost for the program will includes the complete uniform, warmup, cheer bag and all registeration fees.

Uniforms include the shell/vest, skirt, crop top bodysuit, cheer socks, hairbow, poms and bloomers. 

Uniform Fitting (MANDATORY!)
July 28 - Location and time TBD
Please remember that the fitting is mandatory.  

Competitions (Does not apply to Tiny Mite or Mitely Mite)
The local cheerleading competition is held on a Sunday in the middle of October. All squads, with exception to Tiny Mites or any Mascots, are expected to participate at this event. Mitey Mite teams may do an exhibition at competitions but will not be judged. Junior Pee Wee Divisions and above are competing for the opportunity to advance to the Mid-South Regional competition, which WILL be held the day after Thanksgiving. If you plan to compete with a team, you must be in town and available to compete on the Friday following Thanksgiving. Also, it is required by Pop Warner to provide an original copy of your child’s birth certificate for book certifications. We will only need an original copy if we advance from locals to regionals. You will get your original or any other paperwork back. There will no longer be a non-advancing category at regionals so each team must be prepared to go to nationals if they place 1st or 2nd. Nationals are always held at Disney World in Orlando, FL.

Required Documentation for Registration

Click here for required documents!

Registration Fees:
New Participants or Returners who need a new uniform - $215
Returning Participants that do not require a new uniform - $100 

We always welcome volunteers!!  From Team Moms to coaches - opportunities are available!!  If you are interested in becoming a certified Pop Warner Cheerleading coach, please email me at !!  Please consider this opportunity; it is a rewarding, fun and healthy volunteer position!
All volunteers must complete a volunteer application and submit to a background check. Please click here for the application.
More information will be posted soon!