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South Charlotte Recreation Association (“SCRA”) is excited to return to providing quality and enjoyable recreational sports for our children this spring. SRCA is committed to doing so in the safest manner possible by following all federal, state and local guidelines. In accordance with direction provided by the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services, baseball has been deemed a non-contact sport activity that is permitted for play given that participants are able to maintain social distancing or have limited and brief close-contact. CMS has allowed baseball and softball to return to play at the Olde Providence and Community House Middle School fields.

Below is a SCRA’s Athletic Action Plan (“AAP”) which outlines the safety measures and procedures we will implement. Please note that as guidelines change or evolve, our AAP may change as well. We will keep all players, parents, and coaches informed should any changes occur.


1) Before you attend any SCRA event (including, without limitation, practices and games), all players, coaches, parents, siblings, volunteers and umpires will be required to take a self-administered body temperature reading within 30 minutes of arriving to the event and anyone with a body temperature in excess of 100.4 should NOT attend any SCRA event. SCRA discourages any individuals who fall into a high-risk category from attending SCRA organized events or activities throughout the entirety of our Fall season.
2) Anyone exhibiting symptoms of an illness (i.e. sneezing, coughing, congestion, runny nose, headache, sore throat, difficulty breathing, new loss of taste or smell, fever or chills, nausea, diarrhea, etc.) should NOT attend any SCRA event.
3) Anyone who has known or confirmed close-contact with an individual who has tested positive for COVID-19 will follow the guidance of public health officials and/or should NOT attend any SCRA event.
4) Anyone returning from a country, region, or US state with elevated COVID-19 infections should monitor their health and follow the guidance of public health officials.
5) Anyone who is repeatedly sneezing, coughing, or exhibiting other symptoms consistent with COVID-19 may be asked to immediately cease participation and/or leave the SCRA fields and/or the SCRA event.
6) Face-coverings are required for all coaches, participants, umpires and anyone attending an SCRA event.
7) Spectators are limited to 50 people per event field. All spectators shall maintain appropriate social distancing and practice good hygiene. Attendees are encouraged to bring their own chairs. SCRA encourages all parents to drop off / pick up only for practices.
8) Signs will be posted at main entrances/exits, as well as, throughout the event venue reminding attendees to maintain a social distance of at least 6 feet.
9) Bleachers and other areas intended for gatherings which surround the fields of play will be marked-off and prohibited from spectator and player use.
10) The use of dugouts are prohibited to players, coaches, volunteers, and umpires. Teams will “expand the dugout” by utilizing pre-designated areas outside of and along the field of play that will allow for appropriate social distancing to be maintained. Except for coaches, all other non-player participants will be prohibited from entering the pre-designated dugout expansion areas. It is recommended that you provide a chair for your child to use while sitting on the sidelines. Individual player equipment bags should be spaced 6ft apart along the fence lines.
11) Equipment may not be shared among players.
12) Catchers equipment will be cleaned and sanitized between uses. If a player has their own equipment, it is strongly encouraged to be used. Pitcher masks will also be cleaned and sanitized between uses.
13) Person-to-person close-contact and physical contact will be limited by:
• Prohibiting customary pre-game home plate meetings between umpires and coaches.
• Prohibiting handshakes, high-fives, fist-bumps, elbow-bumps, and/or any other celebratory or group or individual physical contact between players, coaches, and umpires.
• There will be no post-game congratulatory handshake line between teams.
• Game balls will only be handled by their own team. Umpires will not handle game balls. Each team will have their own game balls which they will bring onto and off of the field of play during each defensive inning; foul balls will be returned to the appropriate dugout and will re-enter the field of play without being handled by the umpire or opposing team.
• Team drinks, snacks and coolers will be prohibited.
• Each player participant shall provide their own drink bottle or small cooler that will be clearly marked with their name and/or uniquely and easily identifiable
• Spitting, consuming sunflower seeds, and chewing gum is prohibited.
• Player participants, coaches, and umpires are strongly encouraged to bring their own alcohol-based hand sanitizer.
• Pre- and post-game team gatherings and meetings are prohibited.
14) Any player, volunteer, parent, sibling, coach, umpire or attendee, per current guidelines published by the CDC, who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 or who are presumed positive due to symptoms should stay home until they do not have a fever for at least 72 hours since recovery (without the use of fever reducing medicine and once other symptoms have improved (i.e. coughing, shortness of breath), AND at least 10 days have passed since first symptoms
15) Any player, volunteer, parent, sibling, coach, umpire, or attendee who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 but does not have symptoms should remain out of sports activity and away from event venues until 10 days have passed since the date of their first positive COVID-19 diagnostic test, assuming they have not subsequently developed symptoms since their positive test. 16) Each child will need to have a COVID-19 waiver signed by their parent or guardian before participating in SCRA activities.