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What will a typical training session look like? 

Stretching, form running training and sprints will be done as a group. The field being used is very large and kids will be able to maintain an independent space.  Kids will be grouped into pods depending on the number registered for each session. These pods will range from 6 to 10 kids. Each pod will report to an assigned station to begin training. Each training station will last 10 min, and then the pod will rotate to the next station. This process will continue until the end of the training session. 


Workout Summary:

  1. Stretching (5 min) 
  2. form running training (10min) 
  3. Sprints (5 min) 
  4. Water break (5min)
  5. Station 1 (10min) 
  6. Station 2 (10min) 
  7. Water break (5min) 
  8. Station 3 (10min) 1 hour point 
  9. Station 4 (10 min) 
  10. Water break (5 min) 
  11. Station 5 (10min) 
  12. Station 6 (10min) 
  13. Water break (5min) 
  14. Station 7 (10min) 1:50
  15. Cool down stretching (5min) 
  16. Cleanup

Time Trials:

Time trials will be run on Saturday mornings. These dates may change based on coaches availability. One additional time trial may be added during the training season. Last year when running a smaller speed and agility program, we came up with the idea to run a gauntlet. The gauntlet is simply taking several of the drills the kids will be doing at each training session and combining them into 1 drill. This will be a timed event and each kid will be able to run it a couple of times. The goal is to give the kids something to work towards versus simply training. Think of it as Tuesday and Thursday are practices and Saturday time trials are game day.  Depending on the number of kids we have at the time trials, we may have other timed events or additional drills available. This will prevent kids from standing around waiting to run.  Parents are encouraged to be on the sidelines during time trials. In our experience, parents cheering and encouraging the kids on while they run the gauntlet made all the difference in the world!

Time Trial Dates:

June 12th 

June 26th 

July 10th