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How the registration and booking your class will work: We are using a scheduling system called Vagaro. Vagaro is used by several types of organizations to schedule classes or appointments. 

Steps to create an account.

Go to www.vagaro.com

Step 1. Go to login (top right corner select login)

Step 2. At the bottom select “Don’t have an account Sign up now” 

Step 3. Fill in account information then select Create Account. 


How to add family members to your account. 

Very important as you are the account holder, and your child or children are the attendees to the training session.

Once you have logged into your account

Go to the circle icon with your initials in the top right corner. 

Go to my profile and select it. 

Option 1. go to the bottom of the page to “Family and Friends Sharing”. If not available use option 2. 

Option 2. select Family & Friends. 

Select add family and friends. 

Select the child icon and complete information hit save. (you can repeat this as many times as needed) 


How to add a payment method to your account. 

Once you have logged into your account

Go to the circle icon with your initials in the top right corner. 

Go to Payments Methods and select it. 

This will take you to another screen where you can enter your CC information.

Fill in information and hit save.  

How to register for a class 

Step 1. On Vagaro website type in the search bar (top search bar beside the word Vagaro not the search bar bellow) South Charlotte speed and agility. You will see the name appear below the search bar. Select it and it will take you to our page. 

Or you can use the following URL https://www.vagaro.com/southcharlottespeedandagility

Step 2. Select Book Now and this will take you to the classes and dates. 

Step 3. Choose the class you are attending and select Sign Up

Step 3. Choose the number of attendees you want to register. Then select next. 

Step 4. Enter who is attending (Note your name will be in the first slot, change that to your child’s name) (If your child’s name is not there you will need to go back to how to add family members) 

Step 5. Go to check out book and pay for your class. (if you have entered in your payment method in your profile it should appear here) 


Please remember you will have to register for each session your child is planning on attending. If the session is full, you will be placed on a waiting list. Since there is a limited number of kids, we can train in one session, it is important to make sure if you sign up for a session you attend the session (no refunds for no shows). If you have signed up and are not going to be able to make it, please cancel your session so that the spot you were holding can then be given to anyone on the wait list. 

We wanted to make this a pay as you play type of system vs having 1 set price for the whole season. The reason behind this, is that we realized many of you will be taking vacations during the time we are offering the training.  Buy using a pay as you play system you are simply paying for the time you use. 


If you have any question, please feel free to email Sean Gallagher at